COVER REVEAL ‘’TORN AWAY FROM YOU’’ di Benedetta Cipriano

by - giovedì, dicembre 15, 2016

Carissimo Scrigno,

eccoci qui con il cover reveal della storia di Hope e Nate che sbarca oltreoceano. Vi lascio cover e sinossi.

TITLE : Torn Away From You

AUTHOR : Benedetta Cipriano

RELEASE DATE : January 29th


Probably, if lived together, life can become less scary…

Hope fights every day against a strange obsessive-compulsive disorder in an attempt to silence the pain caused by past disappointments.

She spends her time curled up in an alternative reality that seems to anesthetize her pain and give her courage. Thin and fragile she hides her body in a t-shirt too big for her and her heart from indiscreet eyes.

Nate is an ex-marine, now a krav maga instructor, with a cumbersome memory that gnaws at his soul day after day. His heart has remained buried in the rubble in Afghanistan. He fights silencing his anger in his gym, teaching students to defend themselves from physical and moral attacks.

When their paths cross for the first time, inside a deserted supermarket, they can no longer turn back: Hope, in the throes of a panic attack, is rescued by Nate who appears out of nowhere.

From that time on in each other’s eyes, they can no longer live one without the other.

Can two lost souls together start fighting again? Even when everything seems lost, perhaps there is always hope and the possibility of choosing?

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